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Southern Blend Whiskey

This whiskey has all the great characteristics of a bourbon, without being called "bourbon".  Distilled in North Carolina from a bourbon mashbill of a blend of corn, wheat and barley, this whiskey is finished in our Charleston, WV distillery in charred American White Oak barrels, then processed and bottled.

Southern Blend - Cinnamon

Made using our original Southern Blend whiskey, this version is aged with all natural Cinnamon sticks, rather than blending it with a cinnamon liqueur, to achieve a true flavor infusion that can't be mistaken.

Southern Blend - Vanilla

Now Available

Our Vanilla blend is made using a base of our original Southern Blend whiskey, and aged with a blend of Organically Grown Tahitensis and Madagascar Vanilla Beans that provides a very light hint of natural flavor to compliment the natural vanilla extracted during the barrel aging process.

White Lightning

Now Available

Our unaged corn whiskey is made 100% from scratch in our distillery.  Made from locally sourced corn, sugar, barley and yeast, our recipe is as old as the hills it was once made in.  You simply won't fine a more authentic "moonshine" anywhere.